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9 March 2018

Taproot broaches $1.3m round

The company, led by two UW researchers, remains in stealth but is reportedly working on organism-resistant materials to ward against the threat of infection.

Author: Callum Cyrus, reporter

Taproot Medical Technologies, a US-based company led by University of Washington (UW) researchers that remains in stealth mode, raised an $1.3m in funding on Tuesday, according to a securities filing.

The investors in the round, which has a target size of $2.3m, have not been named. Taproot has not revealed any previous funding.

Founded in 2016, Taproot’s two named executive officers and directors are Jens Quistgaard, who previously started NaviSonics, a neurosurgical catheter spinout of UW, and Shaoyi Jiang, a professor of bioengineering in UW’s department of chemical engineering.

Andy Sinclair, a former research student in Jiang’s lab, works for Taproot as senior scientist, according to LinkedIn.

The company has remained quiet on the nature of its work, but Jiang is known to have studied organism-resistant materials that could diminish the threat of infection when used on the human body.

One of Jiang’s subject materials displayed “self-sterilising capabilities” that could be applied to a range of medical settings, according to GeekWire. Sinclair, during his time in Jiang’s lab, was developing next-generation biomaterials for medical applications.

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