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17 July 2018

Xatek pulls $9.1m series A together

Case Western Reserve spinout Xatek has built a sensor-based chip for measuring a patient’s ability to clot blood.

Author: Callum Cyrus, reporter

Xatek, a US-based blood clotting test developer spun out from Case Western Reserve University, has obtained $9.1m in an oversubscribed series A round backed by a consortium of unnamed private investors.

Xatek has developed a compact sensor-based technology called ClotChip that measures a person’s ability to clot blood, a natural process which normally prevents bleeding when a blood vessel is injured.

ClotChip uses a technique called miniaturised dielectric spectroscopy to provide more accurate information than conventional alternatives by measuring the clotting impact of a single blood drop on an external electric field.

An inability to coagulate blood from disorders such as haemophilia can lead to severe bleeding from minor injuries, while excessive clotting can create deep venous thrombosis, a complication which can lead to sudden death.

Case Western’s tech transfer office licensed the approach to Xatek for commercial purposes in 2016, though the technology is co-owned by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

The capital will drive development of the spinout’s inaugural commercial product based on ClotChip technology.

Xatek will push the product through clinical trials before seeking authorisation by mid-2021 from US regulator Food and Drug Administration to use ClotChip for haemophilia and anticoagulation therapy.

ClotChip’s invention is based on research led by Pedram Mohseni, founder of the BioMicroSystems Laboratory in Case Western’s electrical engineering and computer science department.

Mohseni was aided by a senior research associate and doctoral candidate from the same department, Michael Suster and Debnath Maji respectively, together with Evi Stavrou, assistant professor of haematology and oncology at the School of Medicine.

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